Mud, Inglorious Mud

P1000792 (1024x768) It rains a lot here, I may have mentioned it before.  Admittedly, compared to many others, we have had an easy ride in recent weeks.  Traveling by train across the Somerset Levels this weekend the water was lapping at the tracks, reaching as far as the eye could see.  Tops of fence posts were just visible, breaking the surface of the inland lake, and trees were waving branches above the deluge, hopefully not drowning.  It was both surreal and shocking.  At Cliffe we are used to the event of persistent rain but not the process of damaging flood.  Mind you if we did, bearing in mind that the garden is situated almost at the top of a very steep hill, it would be time to pull out the Build Your Own Ark instructions.  However the combination of many recent “events” and the necessity to continue gardening has resulting in a lot of mud on the premises, especially underfoot.  This makes a typical work day a little like the first round of Dancing on Ice, with slightly less elegance and a darned sight more clothes.  Hero came a cropper on Monday whilst attempting a double toe loop, double lutz combination, scattering the full contents of a compost filled wheelbarrow onto the bed below – you at the back stop tittering!  Luckily she wasn’t hurt and the place the compost landed was deemed its perfect position.  Late this afternoon I did a triple salco outside the potting shed but managed to land it quite nicely, the arm positions may have been a little lax, the outburst a mite unladylike, but I did remain on my feet. There may well be a change of career on the horizon!



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16 responses to “Mud, Inglorious Mud

  1. Vive la difference. Right now it is dawn, temp around 25, and not far from here forecast to reach 40+. Gardeners select plants on the basis of ‘does it warrant the water it will need’. We are about to go on a tour of Botany Bay. Will give Joseph Banks details of your blog if I see him.

  2. diversifolius

    You two managed to do more jumps than I did today when skating 🙂 ….and then even write something on the blog too (I’m ashamed).

  3. Where are the photos of your train journey ? We too live up on a small hill and if we flooded the whole of our town would be swimming . Let’s be thankful. Think you all need spikes on your boots….

  4. Bruggies

    Thank you for your very technical description of mud skating.I had to look up the terms though but now I have have a complete picture of what really goes on at Cliffe ….triple salco in boots .Wonderful!

  5. I”ll bet it’s not nearly as glamorous as you make it out to be.

  6. what about mud wrestling? go on I know you want to

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