Fuchsia glazioviana


17Jan14 011 (1024x683)This Brazilian native has not yet had a frost to dampen its spirits and much to my delight is still flowering, albeit sporadically.  In its home country it lives in the romantically named cloud forests, where it is persistently moist, mists cut out much of the direct sunlight and the soil is rich and peaty.   Although a cold snap will knock it back, so far it has survived the winters here unprotected and in the spring it will merrily continue its sideways spread.  It has proven to be resistant to the dreaded Fuchsia Gall Mite, unlike its cousin Fuchsia magellanica, a fact I am sure the breeders have taken note of.   This compact shrub with elegant cerise and purple flowers may well prove to be the parent of many new cultivars in the future and very pretty they will be too.



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16 responses to “Fuchsia glazioviana

  1. I haven’t come across this one, it is delightful and how nice to have blooms in January.

  2. Lucy yuill

    I live in a cloud does this I can have one! Great success with the fuchsias here, loved it.

  3. Elegant! Cerise! Purple!

  4. diversifolius

    Gorgeous colours! Here they are used more as houseplants/patio, but last year we had a new cv. looking almost like yours, surviving over the winter in the trial beds – Fuchsia ‘Cape Horn’. But THIS winter is another story…

    • I will look out for that fuchsia, sounds very promising! Plants that survive your winter will be the true toughies, I suppose that will be interesting to see what makes it and what doesn’t.

      • diversifolius

        Definitely. If I’m not mistaken it’s F. magellanica or a hybrid. I’ll look through my folders and post a picture – it flowered very nicely too in the fall.

  5. Bosswoman

    Very nice – but not enough ballet skirts.

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  7. This is a new one on me. Very pretty indeed. No shortage of clouds for this little treasure at the moment!

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