Both Sides

P1000812 (1024x766)My back aches, in fact most bits ache, tomorrow’s forecast is torrential rain again, my camera isn’t working properly, Bambi’s appetite has not diminished, the bird feeder keeps falling off the potting shed window, it is still dark in the morning, my boots are leaking, today was such hard work.

My pains are temporary, the weather is blissfully mild, I have another camera, roe deer are solitary, the clumsy spotted woodpecker is stunning, it is getting noticeably lighter in the evenings, I have enough money to buy new boots, I enjoyed today.



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18 responses to “Both Sides

  1. you made my day…brilliant post.

  2. I think your cup is half-ful rather than half-empty 🙂 Wonderful!

  3. Michelle - Germany

    YES!! the power of postive thinking and gratefulness!! Well done you… is indeed that which we choose to see!!! 🙂 (Mind you…roll on Spring!!)

  4. diversifolius

    I am glad you managed to see the other/good side! Tomorrow it’s going to be a better day 🙂

  5. I was all ready to scold you for whining…..then I saw your positive outlook on it all and I thought to myself …good on you!!

  6. Ah, life’s highs and lows. Did you take that beautiful floral closeup with your new camera?

  7. And you get to work on one of the most beautiful places on the planet – although I give you that once it stops raining, the bird feeder stays in place and you get to wear your new skating boots or will seem even more beautiful!

  8. Perhaps we should initiate some sort of rite for the day the sun returns to those of us on the south side of the valley. A sort of Lee solstice.

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