Tough Jobs

P1000844 (1024x770)Today we worked to the tune of chainsaw and chipper.  Western Power’s tree surgeons were clearing the electric lines between Cliffe and Damage Hue.  So far so easy.  If you are a tree surgeon that is.  Bridging the gap between ourselves and Damage these lines cross what is known as The Glen; sounds harmless enough doesn’t it?  That is until you learn that its other name is Black Pit;  feeling a little more uncomfortable now? This precipitous gully is overgrown with sycamore, brambles and ferns, all of which obscure a near vertical path that once led to the beach below.  Bamboo and hydrangeas suggest that this was once cultivated, but not for many years.  Last year Bossman led an expedition with sherpa Baz to the bottom but I don’t think it is a route suited to the Lady of the House or even the Ladies of the Garden.   So although the above picture looks pretty tame, a bloke in a high vis jacket hovering just above the Med Bed, the photo below is more indicative of exactly where these brave (crazy) chaps were suspended.

This work necessitated the electricity turned off for most of the day.  This meant that we had to go to The Grampus for lunch.  It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it.

P1000849 (1024x768)



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6 responses to “Tough Jobs

  1. Jealous of your Sparmannia Gill. Mine is indoors and doesn’t look nearly as happy. Maybe needs some tough love? Focussing on that as I can’t abide heights!

    • Not sure how it is going to look if we get a frost in the next couple of days. Debating today whether to chop back and cover but I couldn’t bear to cut off all the wonderful flowers! Should be sheltered from the worst of the wind where it is so we shall see!

  2. diversifolius

    Hmm…tough jobs indeed 🙂

  3. Don’t get much tougher…

  4. Wow, that is a drop! These guys must really know what they’re doing. Rain again here, and badly needed to fill the reservoir.

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