Violent Viola

16Jan14 007 (1024x684) I am sorry to report that during round three of an all-in tag wrestling bout Bosswoman came off a little worse for wear whilst attempting the Boston Crab on Adrienne the Assassin (boooooooo!).  Far be it for me to criticise another person’s hobby, but I want it put on the record that I did advise her that macrame could be equally as exciting. Obviously Bosswoman does not fight under her real name, I could not possibly disclose what her nom de wrestling is …… Get well soon Bosswoman!



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10 responses to “Violent Viola

  1. You DO have the best job….

  2. Bosswoman

    You should have seen the other guy.

  3. I don’t suppose her nom de wrestling is Violent Viola?

  4. diversifolius

    I see mrs. daffodil got it right before me. Hope everyone gets well soon!

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