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P1000672 (1024x769)This unassuming little plant is Erysimum ‘Lady Roborough’ and you are unlikely to find it for sale in a nursery or garden centre.  This is because it is classed as a threatened plant, which doesn’t mean the other plants in the garden have been bullying it but that it has become rare in cultivation.  In a scheme run by Plant Heritage this is quantified as having two or less (one or zero!) suppliers listed in RHS Plant Finder.  I bought this little lady at a Plant Heritage plant sale from an official Guardian whose mission (and she did chose to accept it) is to propagate and distribute to others and thereby redress the balance.  Luckily I am very fond of wallflowers and I believe this one will be pink flowered and approximately 30cm tall, but we will have to wait and see.  I do feel a little bit of pressure to keep it alive …..



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10 responses to “Gardening Guardian

  1. diversifolius

    It looks very healthy – at the proper stage to snatch a few cuttings and thus join in the Guardian mission…:)

  2. It looks very promising. I look forward to seeing photos when it is in bloom.

  3. Bosswoman

    Looking forward to its progress too. Also pleased to see from the background of your photo that you are still trawling the bargain bins – £1.99 prominently displayed.

  4. bargain bins and why not …!!!
    Look forward to seeing this special plant…

  5. I think this is a really excellent scheme. The chances of either of our gardens harbouring anything sufficiently rare to be of interest are slim, but I quite like the idea of caretaking a ‘Lady Rodborough’ or other imperiled artistocrat!

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