What Now?!

6Feb14 014 (1024x684)When I do my garden inspection I try to keep an open mind, keeping an eye out for changes of any sort be it good or bad and making mental notes (which are not always the best sort) of jobs to do, plants to be moved, protected or hospitalised.  On my rounds today I noticed that a large section of our rather ancient Buddleja Black Knight had snapped off, the bag of bracken had been dislodged from where I had wedged it firmly ending up on the terrace below, the camellias were beginning to get into their stride, the Corokia virgata was flowering nicely, the witch hazel looked distinctly underwhelming, my favorite Helleborus Harvington Pink had been decapitated and so it went on, some crowd pleasers some crowd weepers.  Then, squinting to see if the Acacia pravissima at the back of the Road Bank was thinking about flowering, I spied the above and for a moment I wondered what I was looking at.  Then it dawned on me, it was our reluctant Melianthus major and it had sent up its first flower spike.   I was very excited, well as excited you can be in the driving rain, on a dark February morning.



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5 responses to “What Now?!

  1. diversifolius

    It may be dark and raining and February but something ready to flower overwrites them all!!!

  2. I have never seen a melianthus in flower before – I assume they are not hardy? Is it your location or just the mild winter? My hellebores often lose their heads too – so sad!

    • They are on the tender side, they flower every year for my friend in the village where it is a little warmer in the summer but colder in the winter. I am guessing this flowering is because of our good summer (a long time ago!) and our very mild winter.

  3. “thinking about flowering”. I love it. We have very few who are even considering it!

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