Live Fast


P1000904 (1024x770)This scented leaved pelargonium enjoyed last summer’s warmth, spreading generously throughout the bee and butterfly border.  The plan had been to dig it up and bring it in for the winter but it was a victim of its own success.  All that excessive growth meant it was now too large to transport into the greenhouse and it seemed cruel to cut it back so drastically and shove it in a pot.  So outside it has stayed.  And outside it continues to flower and offer its fragrant foliage to tactile passerby’s.  Frost could arrive any day now and that would be the end of that.  As James Dean may or may not have said “Live fast, die young, and have a good-looking corpse”.  Mind you I’m not sure that over-boiled cabbage counts as good-looking.



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4 responses to “Live Fast

  1. It should be a delight to see these out of season plants and flowers, but somehow it feels uneasy, like a disaster is about to happen. I always want to say, “Stop! This is a mistake!”

  2. ex34mush

    Just hope our Lady Plymouth survives the winter. ‘She’ is in the greenhouse, but we didn’t have time to install a heater, so please, Mr Frost, keep away.

  3. Michelle - Germany

    I brought one of mine (“Sweet Mimosa” ) – which is planted in an old “shabby” galvanised bucket -. into the garage and cut it hard back (have some special artificial light bit no extra heating) It is now shooting wildly, lovely new green scented leaves. Yes indeed, fingers crossed for NO frost or freezing nights. 🙂

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