Hail and Hearty


P1000970 (1024x769)The weather is definitely suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder.  Today we were party to rain, hail, sun, wind, occasionally all at once.  Can I suggest we pick one and stick to it; all this flitting from one thing to another is making dressing in the morning even trickier than usual.  If I had a choice I would prefer the sun option.  Thank you.



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7 responses to “Hail and Hearty

  1. ex34mush

    They look like they might hatch any time now – did they? Snow Buntings perhaps or even Ice Spiders

  2. Ha! Yes, sun, I remember that. We had another tree blow over yesterday…and one more storm to go tomorrow, apparently!

  3. diversifolius

    That would be my option too!

  4. I’ve just had to refollow you. I don’t know what went wrong but I haven’t had any of your posts since the end of January. I thought you’d gone uncharacteristically quiet. I’m glad to see you haven’t.

    • I saw that you had followed and I was a little puzzled as thought you were already, must be one of those darned gremlins in the system. Yes, I think you have me sussed, quiet is uncharacteristic! Glad you are back 🙂

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