Pretty in Pink

P1000880 (1024x767)Most plant and seed catalogues come directly to my home for private delectation.  A few are directed to work and are passed onto me with little comment except perhaps a passing remark about the picture on the front cover.  Earlier this week Bosswoman greeted me, clutching one of these tomes of temptation saying “I have marked a few pages”.   You may recall that The Lady of the House is indisposed at the moment (after her wrestling accident) and has a little more time on her hands (sorry hand) than usual.   “Of course Your Ladyship” I replied, my face in rictus grin whilst my soul sobbed in anguish “let us look at which tasteful specimens you have chosen”.  You will be pleased to hear that at this point I need not resort to innuendo or masked remarks at the risk of offending someone who pays my wages; each and every one were wonderful choices – cosmos, lavatera and penstemon, a woman after my own heart.  They were also all pink.  It will help to balance out my dark ways.



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8 responses to “Pretty in Pink

  1. What was the catalogue ?

  2. diversifolius

    Well, pink has its place in the garden and those were good choices. Sometimes I plant a few Cosmos in a container, they are very cheerful in any colour.

  3. I never thought of it but pink IS the antidote for darkness.

  4. bosswoman/shewhomustbeobeyed

    Well, that was only after a quick glance, no doubt I could find a few orange specimens – in fact I distinctly remenber drawing your attention to a few orange tomatoes. But anyway how rude to tell everyone that you dread my suggestions – I am hurt. What we need is more ballet skirts, as any fule kno. And it isn’t me who uses the verb ‘to hack’ either!

    • I thought I was being very complimentary! And you know that I always obey, always, even when it comes down to ballet skirts. And yes, we all know who the “hacker” in the gang is …. a clue his name begins with “boss” and ends with “man”.

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