P1010048 (1024x768)We have a lot of seed.  Please note that I didn’t say “enough”, “too much” or even “sufficient”.  Our sandwiches are squashed into the far corner of the fridge whilst the rest is taken up by old biscuit tins full of seed or pots stratifying.  We buy them, we swap them and we collect our own.  They are safety nets and little bombs of potential.  Some are probably past their sell by date, some are for plants that I’m not even that keen on, but we keep them all “just in case”.  Last month we sowed Scotch Bonnet peppers, the remainder of last year’s seed and I was hopeful they would germinate well.  Unfortunately this was misplaced optimism and they failed.  This was disappointing because these pretty/devilish little red lanterns were a great success last year, they fruited well and even better the taste was phenomenal.   This was an emergency!  Luckily there was a hero on the horizon;  Mr Damage leapt to the rescue gallantly donating the last shriveled chilli on his over wintering pepper plant, in the faint hope that some seed lurked within.  Result! Inside there were seven plump little seeds which are now tucked up in a some cosy compost on the heated bench, hopefully thinking about springing into action.

P1010051 (1024x768)



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4 responses to “Contrary

  1. It is one of the more frustrating experiences in the gardener’s life when a plant that used to be “easy” goes rogue and becomes “difficult”. I hope your new batch of peppers behave themselves.

  2. diversifolius

    Never give up hope!

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