P1000979 (1024x767)Much has been written about the hellebores’ reluctance to hold its head up high.  Whilst photographers scrabble about in the mud cursing its demeanor, plant breeders are doing their best to bring us less bashful cultivars.  This week, however, I have been enjoying this spring beauty’s recalcitrant ways, reveling in the beauty of its posterior.



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12 responses to “Shy

  1. And one of the joys of Hellebore time is to go around the garden examining them all. It wouldn’t be such fun if you could see them at a glance.
    That’s a beauty, I love the dark ones.

  2. I really must acquire some more hellebores, as I left all but one behind in the “old” garden. The one in your photo is a beauty.

  3. diversifolius

    I like them all, even the shy ones, they just need a bit of encouragement!

  4. I agree! Saw some at the garden centre recently that had tall stems and upwards-facing flowers (sorry can’t remember the cultivar), and they just looked…wrong, somehow.

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