Dodgy Start

P1010053 (1024x770)This morning I found a dead mouse on the heated bench.  It was a bit of a shock so early in the day and I admit that a girlie scream ensued.  He was lying limply at the scene of his latest and ultimate crime; a pot of special seedlings that had been scuffed up and chewed root and tip.  I asked Bosswoman (always good for handy tips in cases such as these) if she thought that a photo of the dead mouse would be appropriate.  She advised that perhaps if I put a little screen up around the mouse and said that Scene of Crime Officers were investigating it might be less shocking to the general public.  Admittedly brilliant advice but not having the toothpicks and kitchen towel necessary to make such a structure I decided upon a different tack.  I fetched my faithful “dead creature extracting tool” (amateurs may know this as “a trowel”) and performed my usual flying funeral.  This was not one of my better shots and the perp landed at the base of one of the apple trees.  A little later I couldn’t resist taking a morbid peek at the body only to discover that  had disappeared.  The question is, did a bird of prey swoop down and carry off the corpse, did mousie hearing me approach feign death or was the poor little chap just having a post feast siesta on the lovely warm bench?  I managed to save some of the seedlings, which looked a little traumatized after their ordeal, but not I imagine as much as the aerobatic rodent.



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14 responses to “Dodgy Start

  1. diversifolius

    All options are open to discussion (except if some mouse bait was around too). Cute seedlings – what are they?

    • There could very well be other options, I am open to suggestions …. The seedlings are …… you know it …… very special …… Desmodium! That is why I was annoyed, he could have picked on the marigolds or lobelia, but the Desmodium, that was really mean.

  2. Cathy Marjoram

    Doh..I just wrote you out my mouse story but it seems to have disappeared into the ether!

  3. Cathy Marjoram

    Try again…! ‘My mouse’ ate all the peas off my sweet pea seedlings, then carefully replanted the stalks as if nothing had happened…! I thought they were looking a bit limp.
    so both awww and at the same time grrrrr to your mouse

  4. Cathy Marjoram

    I hope you’re planning to put all these lovelies in a funny book….you write so beautifully….and it’s very funny too!

  5. Betsy Hosegood

    Did the mouse in question have brown-grey fur and black beady eyes? Body length 6.5–10cm? If so, this was probably a sighting of the Devon Narcoleptic Mouse (Mus musculus somniculosus), a rare and usually shy breed. I read about it in a National Trust wildlife book, I am sure. The poor thing was just asleep when you found it. I hope it woke up with nothing more than a sore head and a bit of confusion.

    • That is him, a perfect description! Now I feel a little guilty. Not too much though, as he seems to have found his way back into the greenhouse and is continuing his mischievous ways. Between naps, no doubt.

      • Betsy Hosegood

        I can see your point. Don’t let him get at the Scotch Bonnet seedlings! Then again maybe something like that will put him off the greenhouse plants or send him running off to his friends down at the Indian restaurant.

      • They aren’t up yet, but don’t worry they will be in full security lock down when they do!

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