Great Finish


P1010064 (1024x766)Today I was reminded of how much I enjoy gardening.  After a slightly dubious start the day just got better and better.  In fact I said to Hero that I might even consider taking it up as a career.  She reminded me that I had already.   Instead of the recent frustrating damage limitation it was all positive actions and optimistic attitudes.  Even the sudden heavy showers and far away rainwear couldn’t dampen my spirits (just my jumper).  It all ended especially well when some rather exciting seeds were kindly donated by Mr and Mrs Mush, fresh back from their antipodean jaunt.  These included Banksia burdettii, Swainsona formosa and Acacia terminalis; I feel warmer just saying their names.



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10 responses to “Great Finish

  1. Cathy Marjoram

    Hurray – all’s well again… I’ve just been full trolley bad at Middlecombe Nursey….we only went in to look at the trees!!!

  2. Apparently there was an earthquake down your neck of the woods yesterday?

  3. It’s always exciting getting unusual seeds to sow. Excuse my ignorance but I thought that Swainsonia was a sort of mollusc not a plant. I must be confusing it with something else. I don’t supposed you intend sowing snails.

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