Double Trouble

P1010078 (1024x766)It was one arc more than yesterday and quite rightly so; the sun was a little stronger and the showers a lot sharper.  This photo is admittedly a little faint, you may have to squidge up your eyes and use your imagination.  Maybe you had to be there to appreciate its wonder, maybe not, maybe me yelling “its a double rainbow, its a double rainbow” and waving my arms in the air would have spoilt the moment.  Perhaps you would have joined in.



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7 responses to “Double Trouble

  1. I expect everyone will want to say it’s like a painting – cos it is! And that heart-hurting, arms-up-lifting and waving about feeling that such moments induce – is wonderful

    Wondering if you have thought about tree following this year? I’ve a note about it and a list of people ‘following’ a particular tree for 2014 on my blog here . From March, I’ll be putting a linky box on Loose and Leafy on the 7th of every month so people can leave links to posts about the progress of ‘their’ trees. It will still be informal but a little better organised because quite a lot of people are joining in this time. Hope you will again too.


    • Lovely words Lucy, you put it so much better than me, but nice to know that you understood what I was feeling.

      I did notice some Tree Following action and was twitching! Yes, I am persuaded (didn’t take much), I will have a go again this year. Now the only problem is which tree ….. do you prefer natives or are more exotics welcome?

  2. I so would have joined you! we get those doubles here quite a lot and it’s always a wonderful moment!

  3. diversifolius

    Maybe it’s a sign with so many rainbows around Cliffe! Your picture looks like from a fairy tales book.

  4. Rainbows never stop being exciting. I definitely would have joined in.

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