Tree Following 2014

P1010105 (1024x768)Last year I contributed to Loose and Leafy’s Tree Follow.  This did not involve any actual stalking of trees as even the least horticultural of you will realise they don’t move very far and it would rapidly become tedious.  What is it is a chance for participants to closely study a dedicated specimen throughout the year and share their findings with the whole wide world via which will be updated monthly.  Previously, unable to decide between the two shortlisted (indecision is a regular occurrence in my life) I chose both a beautiful copper beech and its equally as fine neighbour, a European lime tree.  After a keen start I was not especially devoted to the cause.  I became diverted (diversion is a common …. you get the picture) by the summer and seduced by more ephemeral past times.  This year I will attempt to be more diligent.  Today I was pondering which tree would be my faithful subject this year, then it came to me in a flash of inspiration “of course the Larch!”.  I traipsed up to the top boundary to reacquaint myself with my new favorite tree, considered angles, took some photos, easy!  On walking back to the potting shed I passed a tangled and lichened maze of boughs.  Darn it.  My tree this year be our wonderful medlar tree, Mespilus germanica.



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11 responses to “Tree Following 2014

  1. I cannot agree more …we have one and I love it…when I went to college to earn my gardening wings, I saw one in the grounds ,I asked it’s name and I have never forgotten it….

  2. The medlar is not much seen here. I hope you will post more photos here as the seasons change. The copper beech and the Larch are both lovely trees–I remember them well from my travels in Scotland. I used to have a copper beech, still quite small. It always seemed reluctant to drop its leaves.

  3. I’m a fellow Tree Follower (sounds like something from Lord of the Rings, but there you go!) I don’t know much at all about Medlars so will enjoy following this one, vicariously…As to keeping up with my chosen tree – I imagine that, once the excitement of Spring is over, I can see how things could tail off a bit. But I’l looking forward to giving it a go. (And if we fall off the Tree Following wagon, well, I won’t tell if you don’t!)

  4. diversifolius

    Such a good idea! I like all your choices (the larch is my favourite tree), but Mespilus maybe needs more ‘advertising’, at least here is quite unknown, unfortunately…

    • This is a wonderful tree, not classically beautiful but full of character. Have you ever tasted one?

      • diversifolius

        Most probably, when kids we would forage for all sorts of fruits; probably was M. germanica which some are calling Crataegus germanica. There’s always been lots of discussions about Mespilus – Crataegus.

  5. Bosswoman

    I suppose this means we shall have to be sure to make medlar jelly again this year after last year’s break. Or is that taking tree following a step too far?

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