6Feb14 008 (1024x682)This is Acacia baileyana “Purpurea”, a purple form of the Cootamundra Wattle.  It has lived outside in our garden unprotected for the last few winters, sheltered from the worst of the northerly winds.  It is a wimpish creature, tall and straggly but it makes up for this shortcoming with its winter fragrant yellow pompoms, so well displayed next to its purple tinged foliage and ruby stems.  It should have been pruned earlier in its life (I will be having words with the Officer in Charge of Pruning) and now I am nervous of attempting anything too radical just in case the shock kills it.  Although it is a style I have tried before I am not sure The Dead Look has caught on in the world of horticulture.  Last summer I tried to grow the vibrant Spanish Flag  Ipomoea lobata (or is it Mina lobata this week?) up the scrawny stem but it wasn’t keen on having anything to do with such a badly managed specimen.   This year I will have to find something a little less discriminating.



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5 responses to “Pompoms

  1. I have tried this Acacia and also A. pravissima and they have both made quite good sized trees which finally succumbed to frost. I suppose it is not quite so cold where you are. How lovely to be able to grow mimosa outside.

  2. diversifolius

    Very nice contrast of the red stems and stalks with the yellow flowers. It should be fine with pruning right after flowering.

  3. Bindweed? Unfussy with pretty white flowers, but a bit persistent? I won’t charge you for that tip 😉

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