P1010123 (1024x768)Great day, too tired to tell you about it.  I can just about muster a few key words: cheese scone, metasequoia, liquidambar, hibiscus, chocolate carrots, friends, soup, laughs, garden, more laughs, chat, woodpecker, hellebores, snowdrops, chocolate muffins, fancy dress, laugh again, full car, traffic jam, diversion, hysterics, home, pooped.  This Cunninghamia lanceolata was one of the many highlights of our visit to Little Ash, it was a wonderful day, thanks Mrs B!



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6 responses to “Tired

  1. Sounds like quite a day. Sleep tight!

  2. Michelle - Germany

    Ah! ❤ ❤ Perfect! Yes, sleep tight! 🙂

  3. Wait, wait…chocolate carrots? Were they marzipan carrots?

  4. sounds like my kinda day …food…plants …having a laugh…what more could you ask….

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