P1010149 (771x1024)The wind that has recently tormented our southern sisters shifted to the north and has had its fun with us today.  This wind is harsh and loud, it gives a healthy glow to the cheek but a deathly chill to the soul.  In the sheltered greenhouse there are murmurings; some so exciting to us simple folk I cannot mention them for fear that your disappointment will taint our joy.  The bonsai cycad is proudly presenting a new leaf, oblivious to the cacophony outside.



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4 responses to “Cacophony

  1. diversifolius

    Like a furry caterpillar! – be careful maybe it will start crawling around the greenhouse 🙂
    (So wonderful to have a greenhouse, I would transform our entire house in one if it would have more light).

  2. Great writing – justified me reading it out loud to Mrs Mush. Almost, but not quite finished work on our greenhouse today. Feel quite chuffed!

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