P1010175 (1024x768)It was a rather circuitous route to work this morning.  I reached the sea front just before 8.00am, only to find that it was totally impassable.  The tide was high (7.58am 9.90m for anyone who is interested) and the lack of sea wall meant that it was expressing itself very well, making the most of its new found freedom by pounding the now vulnerable exposed road.  Although I could see the garden from where I stood I didn’t even consider running the gauntlet this time.  I took a deep breath and set off to retrace my steps.   First I needed to reverse around a corner, up hill, and then undertake what driving instructors call “a turn in the road using forward and reverse gears” and what I like to call a thirty six point turn.  All in front of bemused builders looking desperately for a distraction from their job working on the battered Old Mill.   So, having managed not to embarrass myself too much (perhaps just a little sniggering), I set out on the alternative route to the garden AKA the Road that Nightmares are Made Of.  This route has little to encourage its use, it is the long way round by 25 minutes, it is steep, twisty, narrow and has few passing points, those who use it unawares (thanks to  our friend the Sat Nav) invariably emerge with the screaming horrors.  I did have one trick up my sleeve, Peggy’s Prayer (the reciting of which generally prevents the meeting of delivery driver or tractor) which I am pleased to report still works.

Tomorrow high tide 8.36 9.4m, well I suppose I might get used to it eventually.



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4 responses to “Diversion

  1. I’ m not sure what Peggy’s Prayer is, but I’m glad it works. I think a 36 point turn would be 30 points too much for me. So congratulations on doing it, especially with an audience.
    Is your Clematis armandii out?

  2. diversifolius

    It sounds so dangerous! Beautiful clematis – I will call it ‘Snowflakes Shower’ – after what’s happening here again.

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