The Plank

P1010196 (1024x767)My life is a never-ending battle against those who wish to thwart me.  A large proportion of these war-mongers have four legs, including the devil dressed in deer’s clothing who has eaten the heads from the recently showcased tulips.  However the ongoing conflict in the greenhouse (against the narcoleptic mouse with poltergeist tendencies) has reached crisis point; its spiteful destroying of seedlings has led me to call in The Special Forces.  This secret army was luckily not out on manoeuvres and brought with them their own high specialised weapons, a plank and plastic coated washing line.  With these raw materials they constructed an ingenious and vermin baffling shelf in the rafters on which to store my vulnerable seedling.  Not so clever now Mickey, don’t mess with the Damage Crew!

P1010199 (1024x766)



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14 responses to “The Plank

  1. Well, I hope it works but I fear you may be underestimating the mouse’s intelligence and resourcefulness.

  2. Looks ingenious, hope it works for you…Rodents of all kinds are my nemesis. Every time the fields at the front/back of us are harvested, the critters living therein (and they are legion) make a run for it straight into my veg patch. One year I got up to find all the sweetcorn and all the windfall apples had been consumed in one night. They were just – gone. It was all very Hitchcock….

  3. Our mice in London were diverted by a huge bag of bird seed which provided easier, if not more expensive, pickings! Hope the mouse doesn’t manage to ‘walk the plank’!

  4. diversifolius

    Great idea – hope it works!

  5. “Who dares wins” is the motto I believe.

  6. You don’t need to tell me about deer and tulips! Deer candy! I don’t have mice trouble (knock on wood), but there are rabbits and raccoons aplenty. The raccoons are terrible bullies, and they exact a tithe of figs from us, or at least that’s the way it went last summer.

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