Foamlea 10Mar14 006 (1024x682)This photo was taken with my new camera.  But it is not Cliffe, neither can I take credit for the picture.  Whilst visiting the wonderful Foamlea today I chatted in the sun with Phlomis Phlo leaving TT to whisk the shiny Canon off for a tour.  You may think that I am a trusting/foolish soul but it was in steady hands.  These three little maids are one of the photos he took.  Looked lovely, smelt beautiful.  Until someone invents an alternative you just get the lovely part.



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9 responses to “Lovely

  1. But what are they? They look too small to be the sort of cultivated hyacinths we have in pots, and I am sure they are more than ones that have been planted out for years!

  2. diversifolius

    That’s a super blue! Or is it the shiny Canon 🙂 We have purple ones flowering in a pot right now – intoxicating.

  3. Ha ha. I see a scratch ‘n’ sniff blog in your future. Beautiful clear photo.

  4. is it a Canon Powershot ? I have one and I think it’s great. Maybe yours is a bigger better model. Love the blue….

    • No it is a Canon 600D, it is very grown up but not for everyday use in the garden. I don’t think it is mud proved! My working camera is a little Lumix which does pretty well for all its misuse.

      • I agree, my little canon fits nicely in my pocket and is ready for action. I think anything ‘more grown up ‘is a bit beyond me .

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