Petunia exserta and a broken bike

P1010240 (1024x767)Petunia exserta is relatively new to cultivation and alarmingly rare in the wild, the only hummingbird pollinated petunia.  This particular plant, along with a few companions, was bought last autumn on a Plant Heritage trip to Derry Watkins’ fabulous garden and mouth-watering nursery in Wiltshire.  It is a tender perennial and so tempting a sight that the plan was, although acknowledging its imminent demise, to collect seed and start again in the spring.  That scheme did not take into account the vagaries of the weather and not only has it survived this mild winter and set seed, albeit in an unheated greenhouse, but it is still flowering.  Now I call that value for money.  On the face of it we don’t have a lot in common with Brazil, apart from the samba dancing, but we will strive to keep it going for when the hummingbirds arrive at Cliffe, which is bound to happen any day now.

We had an unexpected visitor today, unexpected for both visitor and visited.  A young woman cycling up the hill had a puncture just outside the garden.  She was contemplating the long push home whilst trying to call for a lift when myself and Betsy Bee spotted her at the gates.  After some appropriate interrogation I did what my SAS training led me to believe was the correct course of action, I offered her a cup of tea.  True, this was unlikely to mend her puncture but it served the purpose of making me think I was doing something constructive and Ms S feel that she was helping me believe that I was doing something constructive.  BB said “you broke down in a very lucky place”.  Not least because, after Superbaz had loaded the broken bike into Damage’s car, Betsy drove her home.  This admittedly, if we are talking constructive, was a little more effective.  I washed up.



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13 responses to “Petunia exserta and a broken bike

  1. diversifolius

    This will all add up to your good deeds account 🙂 I wouldn’t have said that’s a Petunia – sort of a climber? Great that it did set seeds too.

    • Not a climber, grows to about 2ft I think, it looked wonderful at the nursery but ours is a bit straggly at the moment. Would you like some seed if it sets some more?

      • diversifolius

        I have to gratefully decline your offer. I really cannot provide a good life for such tender things – I grow inside the house a few but there isn’t enough light for their like (and humidity in the winter time – it’s awful, the heating system works non-stop so we attached a humidifier to it but still not good enough).

      • Very sensible, if you have a less sensible moment we have some stored. How thawed are you now?

      • diversifolius

        There is no thaw yet, yesterday another storm brought 20 cm more (of snow). Maybe the last one…But guess which seeds were the first to germinate? – your Dahlia coccinea!!! (and then Schizanthus coccineus, like brother and sister 🙂

      • Sorry to hear more snow but very proud (foolishly) that the seeds are germinating! This across the nations seed swap is brilliant. Glaucidium is up and running (well a quiet jog anyway) so excited as this has been in my wish list for such a long time.

      • diversifolius

        Yeah, the seed swap is great – besides the seed shop I’ll have a list just for trade. I am very glad Glaucidium has germinated, I put a few seeds for myself too, the mature plant I had vanished somehow so maybe best to start with a young one. The seedlings are slow growing and don’t rush to transplant them.

  2. Wow! What an exotic looking Petunia. I take back all I ever said about Petunias if they come like this. How wonderful to be able to keep it going in your greenhouse. What other treasures have you got hidden away in there? Any chance of a glimpse?

    • I agree, not been a petunia fan before this, I don’t like their stickiness! We do have a few little gems in the greenhouse, mostly over wintering before going out again in the summer.

  3. Michelle - Germany

    you are all such LOVELY LOVELY kind people!! ❤ xxxxx I wish we were neighbours…… Loving that petunia. Now, I am a firm believer in the Law Of Attraction and am putting it into practice as often as possible lately with postive thoughts and wishes….a current challenge is "wouldnt it be nice if a nightingale sang in my garden at night" and "wouldnt it be nice if a red squirell took up residence in the neighbours Birch tree…" The next challenge will undoubtedly be…….Hummingbirds!!!! 🙂

  4. Cathy Marjoram

    Sometimes….but maybe not George Clooney…….I can imagine those little brain cogs of yours whirring away!
    Oh and 10 brownie points each for the good deed, and the pertunia is a lovely colour….unfortunately ialready have things balancing on other things in my greenhouse…and it’s only March – doh! x

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