Tree Following 2014 – ps

P1010278 (1024x768)The day was shrouded in a heavy sea mist, so dense that the sun never quite managed to penetrate, although it tried its spring hardest.  An irresistibly atmospheric opportunity to photograph “the chosen one”.  In my mind’s eye I imagined its gnarly limbs clutching through the murk, perhaps eager for a starring role in a local production of Macbeth.  Instead I was thrilled to find an array of spiders webs nestling throughout the boughs, capturing the moisture, sitting like diadems in the crown of this ancient tree.



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8 responses to “Tree Following 2014 – ps

  1. No. You couldn’t have resisted this.

  2. diversifolius

    Irresistibly beautiful…

  3. The photo is very good, I enlarged it as much as I could. I have seen these diadems in the mist, but never managed to get a picture. Well done.

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