Beecher’s Brook

P1010248 (1024x768)The hedge along the road boundary has its problems.  It would be hard to accurately describe the make up of this hedge; part battered elm, part self seeded sycamore, oak and bramble.  Of course a large chunk fell out with the wall last winter and although we have planted beech saplings these tiddlers are hardly up to the job.  It is a mishmash and a muddle.  As the ground has been heavily influenced by our nemesis “Gravity” the whole entity is also heading down hill.  The truth is that it should be grubbed out and started again.  As this would involve total exposure to the paparazzi and peeping Toms (or perhaps Tanias) we have started its renewal by planting in the gap behind.  In the meantime SB has made this rustic fence which will screen off the garden but allow the youngsters sun and sustenance on the other side.  Although I love this piece of rural art, I can’t help thinking that at any moment a horse will come hurtling over on the way to winning the 3.30 at Cheltenham.



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3 responses to “Beecher’s Brook

  1. diversifolius

    Looks fine for just a informal hedge, probably blends very well with the garden.

  2. Cathy Marjoram

    Poor old Monty last night having to remove all his box hedges, due to blight!
    What a shame!

  3. Don’t let it get out of hand. We are now getting estimates for the renovation of the hedge that divides us from the next door garden. Looks like it will be a few days work and definitely a non-trivial job. After more than 100 years, In places it is up to 2m thick and this results in a significant loss of garden. The Russians may want the Crimea, we just want a a bit more of our garden to work with!

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