Magical Magnolias

Marwood 16Mar14 099 (1024x683)Magical magnolias at Marwood.  It just had to be said and now I’ve said it.

Marwood 16Mar14 095 (1024x683)



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9 responses to “Magical Magnolias

  1. Too much time on your hands obviously! Having said that, we got our Marwood season tickets a few days ago, so need to use them before a freak frost hits what my daughter used to call the meringue trees.

    • I know, the bosspeople are very kind to let me have a day off every once in a while. Marwood was lovely today, the hellebores fantastic, magnolias great, rhodys just starting. You should get over there quick!

  2. I keep asking myself, “Do I have room for a magnolia?”. The flowers are so beautiful.

  3. diversifolius

    You’re right – magical! There would be no spring without a magnolia!!! Even in our small patio garden there is one…

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