Trillium sessile

Trilium (1024x768)A friend (you know who you are) has often commented on my propensity for choosing gloomy plants for the garden, alluding to my “dark side” I believe.  In fact she encouraged this leaning with “saw this and thought of you” gifts of a more sinister nature; black irises, deep purple penstemon and the odd triffid.  However since arriving at Cliffe I have begun to be drawn (probably through osmosis) to the more pretty, feminine colours such as peach and apricot, hues that in the past I would have thrown scorn at.  One look at this trillium and I was whisked straight back to my former goth gardener incarnation; the mottled leaves, the dusky flowers.  We grew this plant from seed; seven long years it has been pampered and potted on, and the first sight of a flower bud was almost too much to bear, especially with a manic mouse on the loose.  Every night it was covered with an upside down measuring jug (Blue Peter kids never die) every morning it was released from its cell and inspected.  The day has come, it has been a long wait but it was worth it.  Black is back.



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17 responses to “Trillium sessile

  1. the excitement of growing from seed never fades…and getting something like this into bloom too? that is just almost too much, makes my head want to explode! Lucky you and your dark side.

  2. diversifolius

    I like the mottled foliage too. You may enjoy on the same dark side our Trillium erectum – I’ll try to collect seeds this year, so if you’ll be willing to wait another 5-7 years… 😉 (I am not making fun of you, last year I seeded myself Trillium kurabayashi)

  3. Tried growing Trilliums in the woodland part of our old garden. They lasted a few years, but the slugs(?) enjoyed the leaves too much and I guess the bulbs never had the chance to fully refuel.

    On the subject of dark side – don’t you think Atropa belladonna has such a pretty little flower…

    • I have always wanted to grow them, they always look so impressive. You are quite right though, my next problem is how to protect this little beauty from those who seek to destroy him. As for belladonna well she is an interesting one …..

  4. Fantastic plants always a great day when one of your well nurtured seedlings produces flowers…I am waiting for Podophyllum Hexandrum to flower’s only 8 years old…!!!

  5. Wow! I can see what you mean about the darkness, but it looks like your Trillium is situated in a sun trap for the time being. It’s quite striking, isn’t it?

  6. It’s lovely and especially exciting if you grew it from seed. I didn’t know you had a dark side. ‘Daft’ side, perhaps but not dark.

  7. You are clever! Trilliums would be wonderful inspiration for exotic headwear wouldn’t they? So dramatic! I am also very drawn to dark versions of plants – Disporum longistylum ‘Night Heron’ is a favourite and this year I am trying Polygonatum ‘Betberg’. Both arrived as fully grown plants so I can’t even start to compete with your patience.

  8. Cathy Marjoram

    Only just read this post…… did someone mention me or am I just being paranoid!? x

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