Who’s Counting?

P1010312 (1024x769)Apparently this is my 900th blog.  I haven’t been counting but Mr WordPress has, which is just as well as nine hundred is a lot of counting.  Who would have imagined that there could be something new to see, something fresh to say, 900 times?  More to the point, how long will it be until I run out of words to write and pictures to take?   Not quite yet.  So to celebrate this milestone I present you with some flowers.  These may look a little insipid and nondescript to the uninitiated but to me and my gang they are very exciting.  These tiny translucent stars belong to Pseudowintera colorata and it is the first time this slow-growing New Zealand native has flowered at Cliffe.  Hopefully, if the bugs do their bit, these will become red berries, ripening to black and in turn presenting us with another new event to share and ruminate on.  I love a bit of rumination.



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19 responses to “Who’s Counting?

  1. That’s impressive. Wow. I felt good about 72!

  2. 900! Congratulations.! I am already worried about running out of space and I’ve only done 54. Did you have a problem with this?
    Pseudowintera colorata is new to me. It is lovely. Is it hardy?

    • I was stampeding through my space until I cottoned on to reducing my photo size significantly before I upload them. Now I am down to a gentle dawdle. As for the pseudowintera, I think it is quite hardy, certainly not one of the most delicate in the garden. Thanks for congrats!

  3. Probably only pollinated by kiwis. Make sure bambi doesn’t trample on them (kiwis that is not the pseudowhatsit).

    Hearty congrats on 900 very entertaining and informative pages. Really enjoy them.

  4. I too really enjoy your blog …informative and very amusing…please keep it up…

  5. 900 funny, entertaining, informative, colourful and personal posts. You are garden blogging royalty to me. Here’s to the next 900 posts!

  6. diversifolius

    Congrats for the 900 posts and for Pseudowintera flowering! There is always something new and exciting to write about gardens and plants – so to many more and thank you- it’s very enjoyable to open my email and see your new post there 🙂 and when I don’t I wonder what could have happened.

  7. Cathy Marjoram

    Well done lovely Gilly…..what a very lot of words you must have written. Are you going to have a virtual party on your thousandth blog..?……or even a real one!?
    Sweet little star flowers too! x

  8. Bosswoman

    Congratulations! I like the idea of a party (virtual or otherwise) for the 1000th. It will have to be spectacular and involve cake.

  9. Betsy Hosegood

    That’s impressive. Happy anniversary!

  10. Well done! I’m trying to imagine a virtual party. Sounds jolly, but kind of hard to grasp.

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