St Ives March 2014 076 (1024x687)I wish I had thought of that.  I may copy and pretend it was my idea.



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7 responses to “Mobile

  1. diversifolius

    What’s that – a plastic ball? It might work for indoor plants too 😉

  2. great but strange idea…years ago you could get a wine bottle with the bottom cut off(?)…don’t know how the soil stays in ….maybe something like the succulents could get away with small pebbles and a dunk in water now and again…I use wash balls in the washer and I have some old ones (never throw anything away) may have a go at putting bigger holes in one of them…

    • You have an ingenious mind Sue, what a good idea!

      • I’m probably verging on the autistic and dyslexic…it is a problem ..I can’t pass anything by …like a few years ago, we were walking down the road when I saw a piece of rusty metal !!!! I made Mal pick it up for me …still have it …one day I know it will come in useful …

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