Muscari latifolium – Broad Leaved Grape Hyacinth

P1010361 (1024x765)This is Muscari latifolium which is endemic to southern and western turkey and a welcome immigrant in North Devon.  It is known commonly as the Broad Leaved Grape Hyacinth (latifolium translates as broad leaved but I expect you all knew that).

The pale flowers are sterile, the dark ones fertile.  This azure hat is shouting “over here chaps”.  That could definitely catch on.



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17 responses to “Muscari latifolium – Broad Leaved Grape Hyacinth

  1. It is rather endearing with its blue hat. Another lovely one with a different coloured hat is the blue Mount Hood. It has a white topknot and looks as if it needs to go to the hairdresser.

  2. Reminds me of a surgeon in scrubs – and a very sterile hat!

  3. Marvellous. Upside down it looks like an exploding bunch of grapes!

  4. How unusual, nature produces some wonderful oddities!

  5. diversifolius

    A bit like an Arum fruit but on the blue side-cute.

  6. One for my list too! I like plants with a sense of humour.

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