Remembrance of Things Past

P1010372 (1024x768)Today I moved a Helianthella quinquenervis, which had grown too big for its position, to a new home.  It was squashing our very special Magnolia “Daphne” and that was not acceptable.  In order to do this I also had to move approximately 47 self seeded foxgloves and a Hemerocallis “Pink Damask” from the proposed relocation site.  In order to replant the daylily I had to dig up a pathetic specimen of dierama which I potted up and transferred to ICU.  Ripples, they get you every time.  Whilst clearing the area for the helianthella I came across the stump of Paraserianthes lophantha which had perished during our last harsh winter.  I had brought this plant in the Isles of Scilly the year before I started at Cliffe, discovered on a rack of assorted treasures outside a post office and general gift shop on one of the smaller islands.   It grew fast and strong, flowering during the winter months, it was a favorite of mine.  In the horticultural world our victims can be shredded, burnt or composted leaving little evidence of our murderous ways.  But I still remember the tiny seedling that ten years ago I carefully packed into my case, like the treasure it was, and how it thrived in this corner of the garden becoming a large and floriferous shrub.  The guilt remains.

As I cannot post a picture of something that is no longer there you will have to make do with Genista “Porlock” shining in the spring sunshine, something we had a lot of today.



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17 responses to “Remembrance of Things Past

  1. diversifolius

    Some remain in our memory like other dear people we lost.
    Could send some over here please? – sun & plants together 🙂

  2. Cathy marjoram

    ….I don’t even seem to wait for them to die before I plant on top of dormant things….note to self….one year I must start labelling stuff!!

  3. Lucky you! It was very dreary in London today. I am going to the Scillies in a couple of weeks – can’t wait. I am sure I’ll be following in your footsteps with some inappropriately tender purchase that I will eventually kill off, but that aint gonna stop me!

    • Have a wonderful time, I am looking forward the photos already. Thought of you at the weekend – we were in Barbara Hepworths garden in St Ives admiring Fuchsia splendens, then a quick gander at the war memorial gardens (leptospermum flowering its head off) and then to Trewyn Gardens with ginormous sparmannia and pseudopanax. And the sun shone, just lovely!

  4. You’ve thrown some new names at me today that I’ve had to look up. Helianthella – I’ve never heard of it. And Paraserianthes? Apparently that is an Albizia which is confusing. I used to grow Albizia julibrissin until the frost got it. Has this now had its name changed to Paraserianthes? I hope not, what a mouthful.

    • I think it moved from Albizia but I am rubbish at this name malarkey. The foliage is the same, the flowers pale lemon bottle brushes. It is a challenging name though!

      • The naming of names is important but it is getting difficult to keep up. I particularly resent it when they change a name to something unpronounceable.

  5. Reading the gardening blogs I follow, it is clear that spring is a time of discovery and excitement, but also a time for counting up the losses. I seem to have lost the Iris reticulata I did a painting of last year (you remember the one) and I’m seriously worried about my Paeonia obovata.alba. I will try to focus on what’s survived, instead of what is lost!

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