Double Daff

P1010387 (1024x768)It has proved tricky for this fancy daffodil to hold its exuberant head up high, weighed down by the frills and ruffles.  The rain added unneeded ballast, proving too much for its slender stem, bending it over to meet the ground.  There is a lot to be said for simple.



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8 responses to “Double Daff

  1. I agree the single ones are more beautiful. I have quite a few fussy doubles planted by a previous owner and when they get bent like this I pick them and somehow they look lovely in a vase. In the house all their unnecessary frills and flounces don’t look so inappropriate.

  2. It’s a more interesting photograph this way, with the drops of rain, the bent stem and the curls of the petals.

  3. There certainly is..I once had ‘Lionhead’ !! they went …much too top heavy and ugly…

  4. I do prefer the singles myself…but at least double daffodils aren’t quite as garish as some of the new coneflowers.

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