A Cabbage by Any Other Name

P1010439 (1024x768)Some people, including myself, have what security dog handlers call an “Attack Command”.  This is a word or phrase, the mere whispering of which triggers an instantaneous aggressive reaction.   Mine is “ornamental cabbage”.  I don’t actually attack anything or anyone, but I do get quite grumpy which can be very alarming.   This little aubrieta is in the same family as what we will call “the aforementioned” (don’t make me type those words again!), the Brassiaceae family.    It couldn’t however be more different from those heinous abominations against all things good and true in the universe.  Although it is seldom the star of the show this delicate and floriferous perennial will form a dense mat of colour on your rockery or hang elegantly over a wall.  An unfussy individual, surviving in sun or part shade and happy in acid or alkaline.  All it asks for is a well-drained soil and it will romp away, providing ample nectar for the early insects and soothing the soul of the spring gardener.  Plants are often named after collectors, botanists, sponsors or sometimes to impress, this little beauty is named for flower artist Claude Aubriet, which I think makes it even more appealing.



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6 responses to “A Cabbage by Any Other Name

  1. Haha, yes quiet agree about the ornamental cabbage and I really like Aubretia too!

  2. I feel the same about ornamental cabbage and even more savage about those awful winter cherry plants: Solanum pseudocapiscum which they sell as pot plants at Xmas.
    Aubretia is the sort of familiar plant like Forsythia and Ribes which I’m trying to look at with new eyes. If you pretend you have never seen it before it is amazing how beautiful it is.

  3. Does that mean you are a member of the anti-sprout league as well? Mrs Mush would join you in that even when it reduces her options for seven a day!

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