Tree Following – Sprouts are not just for Christmas

4April14 006 (1024x683)One of the reasons that I chose the medlar for Tree Following is that it will ensure I visit it at least once a month.  This may sound like a) Cliffe is a vast estate of 100,ooo acres which, even though I use a quadbike to get from folly to ha-ha, I still couldn’t cover in less than six months or b) I am very lazy and spend all day making daisy chains on the lawn.  The truth however is c) it lives at the top of a steep incline, tucked in behind a tall hedge, where there is little that needs tending throughout the summer months.  For this reason it is rarely visited until at some point in autumn we remember the fruit and hot foot it up the hill to see what has been going on.  This scheme has morphed into my very own fitness programme and soon I shall be up and down the slope like a seasoned fell runner.   By the end of the project I will undoubtedly have thighs of iron and I shall make a DVD and call it The Medlar Method.

So what has been going on in medlar land?  Well it has gone from zero to hero in the last month, sprouting exuberantly all over, even at the base of the trunk.  I suppose the sensible thing to do would be to rub this shoot out, this is not a good place for a branch to grow.  Another decision; sense over sentiment.



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18 responses to “Tree Following – Sprouts are not just for Christmas

  1. diversifolius

    Wow, that’s a big place you have there! – I really look fw to see it flowering 🙂

  2. It’s a pretty shoot. If you left it and others grow, would the medlar turn into a one-tree copse?

  3. I couldn’t rub it out either; it so obviously wants to live!

  4. julietwilson

    I’ve only eaten a medlar fruit once and it was amazing, surprisingly so, so I’m interested to follow your tree!


  5. The Medlar Method–ha, ha. Seriously, though, what do you do with the medlar fruit? Jams, preserves? Or can it be eaten out of hand?

  6. Always looking for new weight loss ideas – however the Medlar Method sounds a bit like hard work! 😉

  7. I have never heard of a medlar so this is very interesting. What does the fruit taste like? I alsolook forwr to watching you run the marathon in the next Olympics!

  8. lucky to have all that space for exercise alone! Lovely choice as Medlars are somewhat unusual, rather overlooked since the Victorians

  9. Interesting, you will be fit following this tree, which is one I haven’t heard of. Looking forward to its progress.

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