Drimys lanceolata

4April14 024 (1024x682)A bad day at work doesn’t necessarily mean it is strewn with disaster and mishap, quite often it is just a negative state of mind which influences how you react to the things that do happen.

Our Drimys lanceolata is in its flowering prime at the moment.  Probably means it will die soon.



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10 responses to “Drimys lanceolata

  1. diane b

    Do you mean that this plant flowers and then dies? I had a gorgeous plant, salvia argentea, that had the most amazing leaves: downy and silvery. It bloomed the second year and then disappeared. Look it up: it is a biennial that dies after flowering. Supposedly it will spread its seed and come up elsewhere in the garden. Mine didn’t. I would buy it again if I saw it for sale anywhere!

    • No I was just being overly pessimistic. Sometimes when plants have a particularly spectacular flowering season it is because they are about to die and they are having a last attempt to propagate themselves. I am hoping it is just happy. We lost our Salvia argentea as well but before it flowered! It didn’t make it through our damp winter. It is a very tactile plant, we must try it again.

  2. Cathy Marjoram

    Cheer up missus…sunshine is coming!

  3. diversifolius

    True, true – Drimys is a new one for me, the name sounds familiar but I can’t remember anything right now.

  4. I get days like that, a big glass of something helps!

  5. Oooh, ouch! Hope today is a better day!

  6. Michelle - Germany

    Ah, so glad today is much better…and yes a glass or 3 usually help!! 😉 XXXX

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