Heads Up

P1010477 (1024x766)Today things were calm, accepting and productive.  The sun shone (always good for an extra 50 points), a box of eagerly awaited plug plants arrived in good condition (more to follow so only scores 10), I met a bull mastiff called Gus (from a cautious distance on both our parts, plus 30), bracken was removed from tender plants (a garden milestone so 40 for this), we had a laugh and a singsong (definitely another 50, is was opera after all) and my cheese and salami on toast for lunch was almost perfect (only a 20 for this as I burnt the toast).  This photo however was the defining moment of the day.  On my way to the compost bins with my final load of the day, I suddenly caught a glimpse of where I had been working (surely this view can score no less than 100).  So with a quick tally up, and carefully checking the logarithm charts, this adds up to a pretty good day.



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13 responses to “Heads Up

  1. Cathy marjoram

    Good day for me too culminating in Ol helping to fit the new pump in the fountain, which has been silent for nearly a year….ended up covered in filthy water and the odd leech…but it was worth it! X

  2. I like the phrase, “calm, accepting and productive” it seems very harmonious.

  3. Never mind your logorithms. With a view like that and sun like we had today how could it be a bad day. What a glorious spring we are having!

    • And another one today, long may it last (with a little night time rain please)

      • And you have your opera singing to cheer you which must be very jolly. . . my song of choice when I’m gardening is The Laughing Song from Die Fledermaus. Slightly off key I’m afraid and wobbly on the high notes but very cheering, For me anyway.

      • There is something very liberating about singing at the top of your voice, on key or off. We could start a gardeners choral society!

  4. It is a glorious day here, too. Just the right kind of day to get on with all the weeding I need to do. I’ve inherited a huge number of dandelions and there are clumps of grass in the perennial beds. Lucky me! Darn, what did I do with my logarithm charts?

  5. And with a view like that every day would be a perfect day for me….

  6. diversifolius

    I counted till 200 something and then I lost it – when I saw the view 🙂
    Glad you had a good one.

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