P1010503 (920x689)“There is always something new to see in the garden” is a line describing Cliffe Garden in our NGS blurb.  I wouldn’t be surprised if many gardens use the same enticement, assuring visitors that there they won’t arrive just as everything has packed up for the season.  When I read it now  it sounds somewhat of a cliche and expect one day to be challenged on this extravagant claim.  Well, disbelievers, actually it is true.  For me at any rate.  The sherbert lemon stamen and the sea anemone like violet pistils of this Pulsatilla vulgaris took me totally by surprise this week.  I had never noticed this cosmic combination before; you may well be giggling behind your Beano at my schoolgirl omission, but I have seen this Pasque Flower many times and don’t previously remember this adornment.  Mind you, it does help to have a goldfish memory.



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3 responses to “Goldfish

  1. diversifolius

    Beautiful! Last year our it flowered just like the pasque flower should – for Easter! Glad that yours behaves 🙂

  2. Bruggies

    Lovely ! goldfish memory or not it is always exciting to see things as though you have never seen them before.Used to see them in the wild in the Cevennes but I don’t remember one as fancy as yours.

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