Grevillea “Canberra Gem”

18April14 025 (683x1024)The flowers on this Grevillea “Canberra Gem” have been poised for action all winter, just waiting for their moment to shine.  The time is now and this antipodean shrub is covered with rosy buds which are gradually unfurling to reveal their spidery glory.



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8 responses to “Grevillea “Canberra Gem”

  1. diversifolius

    Just waiting for the hummingbirds! Nice foliage too, evergreen?

  2. it’s gorgeous. I have never been able to get cuttings going from it though.

  3. Lovely Gill. Very exotic. We are enjoying some much needed rain here today on the east coast – it’s not helping with my gardening tasks though! Hope you have a super Easter. D

    • Do you have this one, it is very tough, would look good in your garden. We have had some rain as well and like you are quite pleased about it. Sun out now, perfect growing weather – come on garden do your thing!!!!

  4. I truly need this plant to attract more hummers. They seem to have migrated for the year. We got a tiny bit of rain today, but need scads more.

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