Euphorbia “Bonfire”

P1010544 (1024x770)The rain that has fallen over the last couple of days has been welcomed by gardener and garden.  A two hour session with the watering can last week soon took the smile off my Friday afternoon face, I had forgotten how long it can take to check all the pots and seed trays at this time of the year.  After a middling amount of rainfall plants are looking noticeably perkier, some have had such a growth spurt I had to remind myself that I have only been a weekend away.  Today was mainly mizzle, quite work-in-able, so comprised flits between potting shed, greenhouse and garden; planting out, potting on, sowing seed.  This barely there rain also provided some photogenic subjects including this Euphorbia “Bonfire” scattered with dewdrops.



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4 responses to “Euphorbia “Bonfire”

  1. diversifolius

    A few scattered rain drops make for the best pictures!

  2. Dew drops or rain drops the photo is gorgeous… G/D’s have been collecting fairy water from the alchemilla leaves…and feeding it to a load of snails they had gathered…..gross

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