Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not

25April14 012 (1024x683)The Chatham Island Forget Me Not, Myosotidium hortensia, grows on coastal cliffs in its native Chatham Islands.  These islands are 420 miles off the south east coast of New Zealand and like many isolated places have several endemic species, both flora and fauna.  It is unlikely that one of these highly specialised creatures finds the large, slightly corrugated and waxy leaves quite as irresistible as our home grown molluscs.  If so, quite how they have managed to survive is a mystery.  The battle against the evil slimy ones is definitely worth it when you see the magnificent sky blue flowers.  Although you may not be able to keep it for long, it seeds prolifically and will be back to reap its revenge, returning next year ten fold.



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16 responses to “Chatham Island Forget-Me-Not

  1. diversifolius

    A super blue! I wouldn’t mind a Hydrangea with Myosotis-like flowers.

    • I will look out for one for you. I was thinking about you yesterday as I have germinated some Melia seed – 3 to be exact and 11 seedlings have come up! May be blogging about it soon but thought this is right up your street (is it polyembryony?)

      • diversifolius

        I wrote an answer and I don’t know what happened – so I hope I won’t repeat myself.
        It is hard to say; I’ve never propagated Melia. From what’s happening in other cases, often when we seed fruits actually not seeds (like in the case of Melia- a drupe) if they contain more than one seed, we end up with ‘extra’ seedlings.
        For quite a few ornamentals when the fruits are looking like a berry-type we think that we plant seeds, but more than often they can be drupes with a fleshy ‘overcoat’ and drupes can contain quite a few seeds.
        I should give an example but nothing comes to my mind right now- I just come home after a drive to the airport and I’m always exhausted afterwards..

  2. What a pretty plant. Removing slugs and snails is occupying a great deal of my time right now!

  3. Cathy Marjoram

    Such a pretty flower…I love forget me nots. Just bought a pretty pink one for mum’s garden.

  4. Very pretty and fresh! My daughter had success with “slug pubs” in a strawberry patch one year. She saved tuna cans, cleaned them up and sunk them into the ground with a little bit of beer in the bottom of the can. One time, a young fellow in line behind her commented on her purchase of a single bottle of beer, saying “Party on!” and giving her two thumbs up.

    • That is very funny! We have some tins of beer somewhere in the potting shed (out of date donated by some disappointed chap) that I keep meaning to use. I will search them out next week.

  5. Betsy Hosegood

    Is that really as beautiful as it looks?

  6. It is absolutely gorgeous and I have never been able to keep it so I am very jealous.

  7. How beautiful, lovely delicate colour.

  8. Bosswoman

    How have I missed this? It’s absolutely gorgeous.

  9. Such a perfect blue! After seeing this amazing plant in bloom in a garden in Cornwall years ago, I tried to grow it here in the North East US…….and of course I couldn’t. But trying was part of the fun!

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