S0948466 (1024x768)As so often happens when someone has too much time for reflection, I have had another idea.  This time it is for a new blog series, I do like a good series.  More accurately I love the idea of a series; I charge at it like a bull and then just as I am about to make contact get distracted by something else.  No matter, at least I know the enemy.  The title of this new series (have I said that word enough yet?) is Guest Photographers.  I laugh as I type that; I imagine David Bailey et al trouping up the hill to the garden, Patrick Lichfield and Annie Leibovitz getting into a scuffle as Dorothea Lange overtakes on the inside.  Actually these guests are my family and friends who are obviously all (as yet undiscovered) famous photographers in their own right.  It will be interesting to see what others chose to capture and how, to see the garden from another viewpoint.  Obviously I try to present things at their best, avoiding the failures, the weeds, the imperfections of which there are many.  Although not totally impartial (remember they are my friends and family and I get to pick the picture) I am looking forward to a fresh approach, one that will give me an insight as to how others see a place with which I am so familiar.

This photo was taken by Hero’s son, Sean.  More of him later …..



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23 responses to “Series

  1. Betsy Hosegood

    A seriously good idea for a series (pick me, pick me!) and an even better photo to start the ball rolling – and set a high standard.

  2. Great photo….love the colours …very 1960’s…..

  3. Betsy Hosegood

    When I say I can swing, I mean from the swinging bare light bulb – in case you are confused. I have lived a very sheltered life and assume that is what happens in an interview under a swinging lightbulb.

  4. This is a really lovely idea, I like Sean’s photo too, looking forward to more.

  5. Cathy marjoram

    Stefan’s in if you’ll have him…?

  6. diversifolius

    What a great idea! (not to mention that you’ll be getting a break :)))
    Seriously, great picture to begin with, but I do ‘request’ identification.

  7. Your garden is going to start looking a bit like a giant circus! What with all the balls rolling, the swinging and you doing handstands and cartwheeling everywhere. Count me in please, for the photo’s, not the other stuff:)

  8. I’m like a butterfly with series – as soon as I settle, am off in another direction. All the best with this one – looking good!

  9. It’s the cheerfullest picture I’ve seen in several days. And what a good idea! If I had a photographable garden I’d copy it!

  10. Bosswoman

    Me too? Please.

  11. I, too, could join in if I were closer. 😦

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