GP Series – Sean too

Pansies (1024x768)Several years ago Sean spent a week with me in the garden on a work experience scheme.  “Lucky chap” I hear you cry. Well most of you anyway, there may have been some dissent from the cheap seats.  I will ignore you philistines.  As bizarre as it might seem he was not taking advantage of my encyclopedic horticultural knowledge but making a film.  You may be surprised to hear that I am qualified to teach film making.  It was a surprise to me also.  How this strange event came to pass was the culmination of extensive efforts by his mother, himself and his school to try and to find a placement with a real cinematographer.  Time ran out and Cliffe Garden was Last Chance Saloon. It was agreed he would come to the garden and make a promotional video under the guidance of Bosswoman who laid out a detailed schedule and promptly went on holiday, leaving yours truly in charge.  We had a happy week creating a video which involved a tour of the garden,  in depth interviews with visitors, bosses and gardeners, wildlife study, hair raising stunts and bloopers.  Sean’s hard work resulted in an informative, beautiful and amusing film which we gathered to watch at a suitably glamorous red carpet premier. My favorite part was when Sean lay on the lawn and I drove the lawnmower towards him with him rolling away at the last minute.  Health and Safety heaven ‘take 134’!  It was brilliant,  I had a hoot,  I hope Sean did too. The question is was it educational? Undoubtedly, but perhaps not in the way the school imagined!



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9 responses to “GP Series – Sean too

  1. you tell it so well – I can fully visualise it as if it were a film 😉 what fun!

  2. A great story, and it’s good to see the faces of those pansies. Often, their faces seem a bit sly to me. In German, they are called “Stiefmütterchen”–literally, “little stepmother”.

  3. diversifolius

    As long as everyone enjoyed it… 🙂 A nice effect on the image background – like a Photoshop filter, makes it look warm and fuzzy. Remainds me of an old post card (the sort you really like so you keep them stashed somewhere to have a look once in a while…).

  4. Great post again,,,visualized every bit.

  5. A fun post. I loved it. The pansies are so bright and trusting. They have no idea.

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