6May14 045 (1024x683)Today was physically tough and my old bones are creaking this evening.   I really want a donkey.  But as the oracle (my mum) says “what you want and what you get are two different things”.  She was always cheering us up with little quips such as this.  I have a inkling Bossman may say the same.



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10 responses to “Tough

  1. A hot bath is in order and maybe a glass of wine at the same time.

  2. diversifolius

    I do really know how it is; at some point even if the will is there, the power’s gone…Take care.

  3. If wishes were donkeys, tired gardeners would ride. I feel much the same this evening. A day of lovely sunshine sandwiched in between multiple days of rain. Everything had to be done today.

  4. Is that Papaver rupifragum ? If it is I grow it and it flowers all summer with it’s lovely bursts of orange.

  5. Bosswoman

    Bossman authorises me to inform you that “donkey acceptable, mechanised transport sadly impractical”. Now we know the Colonel’s lady hankers after a donkey, so how about she keeps it in her field at night and you collect it in the morning, bring it up to the garden, it can work with you all day and then you can walk it down again when you go home. Two satisfied customers, no?

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