Tree Following – Clothed


6May14 053 (1024x683) My medlar is now fully clothed and well equipped to face the imminent summer months, the fresh leaves covering the twisted gnarled boughs like an couture gown on an ancient grand dame.  On closer inspection it appears that the flower buds are well formed, not long before she will be further decorated.  The medlar comes into flower later than most fruit trees, ensuring the presence of pollinators and a greatly diminished chance of frost.  A wayward shoot is emerging from the base of a old bough wound, pock marked and dry, attempting to replace a long lost limb.  Nestling atop this gallant front runner, holed by mountaineering molluscs, are two perfect downy buds.  Potential, if ever I saw it.

6May14 061 (1024x683)



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7 responses to “Tree Following – Clothed

  1. My Medlar is in flower now,looking lovely. I get a good view of the top of it from my bedroom window…may take a photo….The flowers are quite lovely….and I’m still squashing fermenting medlars around the borders even now…yuk

  2. diversifolius

    I hardly recognized it! Everything looks so green and fresh and downy, hmm 🙂

  3. I have just bought a Medlar. I didn’t intend to, but it was such a pretty shape and so full of downy buds I had to have it. Yours is a very elegant lady.
    Do you blett your medlars? I’ve never knowingly bletted anything in my life so I am looking forward to it. I am hoping in an Autumn post you will tell me just how to blett.

  4. Lucy Corrander

    What a lovely word ‘blett’ (though I’m not sure I’d enjoy the result). I imagine there will be tiny forming fruit on your old bough by the next Tree Following post.

  5. coastcard

    I didn’t realise that Medlars were rather late flowering. My Silver Birch is at the catkin stage, and my tiny cherry has had blossom for the first time.

  6. A friend of mine near me (West Wales) has a medlar in her garden that has just sprung into flower – it never really struck me before how much later it is than the rest of the fruit trees… thanks for pointing it out – her tree is always laden. Clever medlar!

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