Potentilla megalantha – Wooly Cinquefoil

P1010697 (1024x769)A gloomy day; unrelenting rain and a chill to remind us that summer is not here quite yet.  This gleaming Potentilla megalantha would warm the cockles of the coldest heart and comfort the toes in the leakiest boots.



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5 responses to “Potentilla megalantha – Wooly Cinquefoil

  1. diversifolius

    Who needs summer with flowers like that? I remember that you sent me a few seeds of it that I didn’t used; but maybe for the best, I’ll seed them next year and I might have them in a new garden 🙂

  2. I go along with the leaky boots…ditto…fabulous picture …can’t make my mind up warm custard or hot sunshine…..think hot sunshine….

  3. Are you suffering the gales we’re having this weekend? It’s almost been as bad as January. Summer is definitely a few weeks away!

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