DSCF0639 (767x1024)The day and my mood began grey and sullen.  Some might say I was a little grumpy.  Just a little.  Then the garden began to whittle away at this prickliness, annoyingly at first like the well meaning stranger who insists “come on give us a smile”.  Gifts were presented at my feet to woo and comfort me; fresh bloomings, buds full of potential, sun and a gentle breeze.  A highlight, and there were a few but we must pace ourselves, was this flower on our wind shredded banana.  Before long aches of mind and body had softened, I was transported back to the land of milk and honey where I am hoping to remain for the time being.

ps  Thank you Bossman for loaning me your camera.  I forgot mine today, I told you it didn’t start well!



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3 responses to “Grump

  1. diversifolius

    Banana tree flowering!? Do you have any idea how exotic this looks to me?
    (but I understand, anyone is entitled to a few grumpy days 🙂

  2. My garden often serves as balm for my grumpy starting days.

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