Traffic Jam in Heaven

P1010724 (1024x768)My road to work was blocked by an oil delivery this morning, only a couple of hundred meters short but impassable.  The question is, did I:

a)   Drive to within inches of the back of the lorry, honk my horn, rev my engine aggressively, shout abuse, ranting and raving until my face went red causing the oil man to adopt “head down and definitely don’t hurry mode”, or

b)  Take the opportunity to chill out, turn the engine off, take a few photos and enjoy the view until my mate Betsy Bee joined the traffic jam (now all of two cars long).  At this point deep reflection became a bit of a chin wag.  The job was soon done, the oil man shouted sorry and we exchanged cherry waves.

I do hope you guess the right one.

Bossman did dock my wages though (only joking) (I hope)

P1010726 (1024x768)




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19 responses to “Traffic Jam in Heaven

  1. diversifolius

    I agree it happened in Heaven, not about the traffic jam though 🙂 (kidding of course)

  2. What a lucky girl you are! What a sky! What a sea! I am sooooo jealous!

  3. That must rate as the smallest traffic jam ever………

  4. A very sweet jam. Looks wonderful!

  5. I want to live in that white house.

  6. What a place to have a traffic jam, with the sun shining on a blue sea on a lovely day in May.. Heaven.

  7. nicest Dutch person you know

    I would have done the first but I am dutch. You make my image of ‘Devon, place to be Zen’ complete. I am happy the world is predictable after all.

  8. Wow! What a stunning bit of coastline. Do you suppose a donkey could have made it past the lorry?

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