Lonicera tatarica – Tartarian Honeysuckle

P1010738 (1024x766)This Siberian native Lonicera tatarica or the Tartarian Honeysuckle is apparently a thug.  This is not really surprising given that historically the Tartars did a good job of colonising a large proportion of Russia and being the soldiers of choice for Genghis Khan.   We keep it in a pot, just in case.



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8 responses to “Lonicera tatarica – Tartarian Honeysuckle

  1. Better safe than sorry – no one likes a marauding honeysuckle! It is very pretty, though…

  2. diversifolius

    Yeah, that’s a dangerous one…

  3. diane

    But is it fragrant? We have a nameless honeysuckle on an old wire arbor. When it blooms, it is heavenly.

  4. Too bad all the thugs in the world couldn’t be kept in a pot! We’ve inherited a vine and I think it’s honeysuckle. I’m going to have to do more research (or post a photo and ask for help).

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