Series GP – Clogette 2

P1010676 (768x1024)There was a marked contrast between the photos taken by my nephew and those of his sister; it was really quite pronounced.  Out with the flowers in with the landscapes, seascapes and hard features including this one of the sun dial on the lawn.  Although I don’t think he met this challenge with the same enthusiasm as Sarah once the camera was in hand he was diligent and even (yes I counted) took more than the allotted five photos.  This was my favorite of his.  I love how he has chosen to turn the camera to portrait, enabling him to include not only the foreground main event but the herringbone wall, pillar and archway to the rear, juxtaposed by the spiky foliage of the yucca.  I can’t be sure this was his conscious intention but he achieved it beautifully. Clever lad that Daan, but I knew that already.



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8 responses to “Series GP – Clogette 2

  1. artist in the making….

  2. diversifolius

    I couldn’t choose between clogette 1and 2 – both artists in the making!
    Really like what you call the herringbone wall – local stone?

    • Yes the garden is terraced in part, the walls are dry stone with local Morte slate. They are beautiful. Superbaz makes new ones when the old ones give way, he is very clever and brilliant to continue the tradition.

  3. Both Clogette photos are good ones–what a great idea of yours to send young people out with a camera.

  4. Peggy Heavens

    If my grandchildren can take such excellent pictures with your OLD camera why on earth did you need to buy a new one??????

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