P1010762 (1024x766)Just as every crow in the garden is known as Inky, each robin is called Robbie.  I expect we humans are all called Bob by the resident fauna.  The current dominant Robbie has got a new trick up his sleeve, or perhaps more accurately, under his wing.  He flies into the potting shed, perches on any available object (ipod dock in this instance) and twisting his head almost upside down surveys the ceiling with his beady eye.   Once he has spotted any recent acquisitions in Wolfgang’s web (it goes without saying this is the name of all spiders in the potting shed) he flits up, rips it out and is off out of the door with the stolen property in his beak.  Wolfgang can only watch and wave his legs about in frustration.  Perhaps Robbie sees himself as a re-distributor of the wealth like his Sherwood namesake, maybe he is a very clever opportunist with a family to feed.  Whichever is true, you can’t help admiring his guile.



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10 responses to “Robbie

  1. This is a real treat! I know I will smile throughout the day when I think of Robbie with his stolen/re-distributed wealth. Did he chirp a little as he sat on the ipod dock?

  2. Talking about re-distribution of wealth, I just hope he didn’t leave you with a deposit!

  3. diversifolius

    Very clever!

  4. Robins get so tame, what a delight to have him popping into the potting shed.
    I’ m sure he doesn’t call you Bob. You are probably known as Brenda. Or maybe Gloria. But not Bob.

  5. Love little Robbie, we have Micky mouse staying out our’s

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